Please, send an e-mail to my name.surname at xs4all in the Netherlands for more information, or if you wish to discuss work opportunities. I am available as:
* stage, training & film actor,
* puppeteer,
* multilingual museum guide,
as well as for (non-profit) signing sessions of my book:
The Critical Pathway to Sustainable Development: from Framework Concept to Conceptual Framework; a reference book on the implementation of an integrative concept of proactive decision-making in area-based land or sea resources management, Staljanssens (ed. Brussels 2005, 336 pp.), with 423 references, and 3 appendices: glossary, acronyms and 22 figures.

And, by the way, the book Marinus Boezem Into the Air, Oude Kerk Amsterdam and Roma Publications (2019), is now available at the museumshop in the Oude Kerk of Amsterdam.
With on page 23 the photograph hereunder made on location by Gert Jan van Rooij in 2016.