Minor roles and specials (since 2011)

Two specials in Lyrebird (2018), the bank director in Hebzucht (2017), the man from Limburg in Bankier van het Verzet (2017), special Chet Baker fan for My Foolish Heart (2016), a chique restaurant waiter in Facades (2016), a Chinese restaurant waiter in Het Verlangen (2016), a Nazi security officer in Masaryk (2016)the Luxembourg bank door & safe keeper in Riphagen (2015), the tramp in Smoorverliefd (2012), the undertaker in Chez Nous (2012), a hobo for Valentino (2012), the city guard in Nova Zembla (2011), etc.

Short film, Pilot:
Barman in Alaraph (2018), pub customer Pierre Bentema in Het Grandioze Falen (2016), the father in Leven (2013), the drunken man in Roes (2011), etc.
The doctor in an episode of Onschuldig!? (2017), Yorrick's father in Get Lost (2017), the doctor in 3 sketches for Zapp Skills World Championships (2017), an assistant of the Europol Director in Smeris 3 (2016), a lorry driver in Genant maar Waar (2016), a casinobar visitor in La Famiglia (2016), the judge presiding the court in De Maatschap (2016), the French waiter (Montpellier) in van Gogh: een huis voor Vincent (2012), a doctor for Vrees en Beven, Het Offer (2012), hobo Wynand in SpangaS 5 (2011), etc.

The first Visitor in L'Effet de Serge, Tweetakt Festival, Academy Theatre Utrecht (2012).
Stand-in / stuntman:
Redivider (2014).